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meet the creative team

meet the creative team

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Amy's passion for documentary filmmaking started as astudent at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she came to realize reality is always stranger than fiction. Her career started in Colorado as an editor for a small production company. There she had the opportunity to edit numerous pieces for PBS.

A calling for "higher education" and a need for a means to support her documentary habit, Amy attended the UCLA Producers Program where she studied to attain her masters degree. She produced the award winning documentary "As Seen Through These Eyes" with Parkchester Pictures for the Sundance Channel.

Amy was an editor on Behind the Lyrics, which won an LA Emmy

Kathleen Dolan - Producer

Kathleen first worked in San Francisco with Cinema Financial of America which financed, produced, advertised and distributed films. She was involved in publicity and film development and was the liaison with major studios in L.A. Promoting one of the initial women’s films, “Memory of Us”, starring Ellen Geer, she traveled across the country interacting with film critics, the media and theatre owners.

Wanting to get more involved in film production Kathleen moved to L.A. She was recruited to be the Production Coordinator for “The Island of Dr. Moreau” starring Burt Lancaster and Michael York.

Kathleen worked over a three-year period with Jack Nicholson. As his Technical Assistant while he directed “Goin’ South” she worked pre-production in L.A. and principal photography in Durango, Mexico. She accepted the offer to do double duty on location in England by simultaneously assisting Jack with the post-production of “Goin’ South” and his business during the principal photography of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”.

She was an Associate producer for the documentary “Playing to Win” about Cuban Olympic athletes.

Several years ago Kathleen met Utah artist, Kaziah Hancock, whose story had to be told. While Kathleen and film partner Amy Janes developed a feature film project, Kaziah gained recognition for painting the portraits of fallen soldiers. The documentary "Kaziah the Goat Woman” shares the insight and inspiration of one of America’s most compelling personalities.

This was Alexis Harte's first film score. Since 2001, his 3 studio releases have received critical acclaim both in the US and abroad

(including Editor's Top Choice in Acoustic Guitar Magazine). In addition to touring nationally and internationally (sharing bills with

Taj Mahal, Ritchie Havens, Dar Williams and more), he has had over 60 tracks placed in national television shows (ABC, PBS, WB, FOX, UPN) and a few indie films, including Colin Hank's latest, entitled "Careless." Harte recently signed a multi-year music co-publishing deal with Lionsgate Entertainment.

In a parallel and oft-intertwined career, Alexis has led diverse environmental efforts over the last 10 years: from urban/community

forestry to Amazonian conservation to climate change education (futuresealevel.org, cooltheworld.org). He has a Masters degree in Environmental Science from Yale University. The relationship between humans and nature is a thread that runs through much of Harte's music.


Meet the Creative Team